Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've arrived in Port Moresby. Prior to actually landing, an inexplicable feeling of anxiety and slight fear overcame me. I'm not quite sure if it's as simple about airport security worries or if it's because I know I'm here to stay (at least for a year or so). Anyway, all that's gone now, especially after Wilson took me around town. There are new buildings built and establishments opened since I was here last year. A new posh looking mall is expected to open by the end of the year. I heard it would have franchise shops there like Donut King and Brumby's. Should be good. :)

Flew Business Class, by the way. In my opinion, there's far too much leg room for me. I can't reach the floor with my feet. The seat is so big! It made the 5 hour Air Niugini flight more bearable though. I reckon airlines should shorten the leg room for Business Class and First Class just a little bit. Maybe an inch or two and then extend the leg room for Economy Class accordingly. BC and FC is just far to spacious in my opinion. Or maybe that's because I'm short. LOL

Btw, there is a smell here that hurts my nose and head. I just have to get used to it. But I hope I won't be super used to it as to not notice it on myself or W. Hahahaha... Speaking of breathing, when I got out of the plane, I had trouble breathing because the air felt soooo dense! Hot and humid air... When I opened my luggage, there was some moistness on my documents folder and cookbook. I thought something spilled, but nothing did. I think it's the sudden shift from the wintry coldness of Sydney to the warm, humid climate of Port Moresby that did that.

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