Thursday, May 27, 2010

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

The packer just left and all my stuff are in bubble wrap and boxes. I can't believe that I'm leaving Sydney in a couple of days. My life in Australia has been gathered and packed to be shipped to continue its journey in Papua New Guinea. I'm pretty excited to turn to a new chapter. It's been quite a story, spanning 3 years. Long enough for me to learn most of the things I need to know before I cross the quarter century mark. But also realising that it has been short-lived. There are many more things to see, experience and learn. However, these things I can make memories of at a later time.

I am about to embark in a new endeavour and knowing this spurns out a wide variety of emotion and thought. When you know things are going to change, although it's a good change, you can never be 100% ready. One needs only to be ready to accept that things are going to change and move forward. I have made my decision and it is a good one. Everyday, I am reminded that I'm very lucky. I married a wonderful man and we're going to live in a place full of adventure where very few people consider to even visit. I have the support of all my family and friends. Doors of opportunity have opened and there are new things to experience. Although I don't have everything, I lack nothing. The decisions made throughout my life, both by others or those by myself, led me to where I am now. Looking back, if even one thing has changed, I might not even be here. I am happy things have panned out as they did. I feel like the world is my oyster and have never felt this sense of satisfaction before.

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