Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FTS, man, FTS.

Port Moresby sucks at customer service. Disgrace.
I was in Lamana this morning and lunchtime. I will enumerate the things that happened today that made me want to strangle someone. I just sat on my hands and kept my cool. It's just the way they are and that makes it all the more frustrating. I would so love to have Gordon Ramsey in for a visit. He would make a whole new season and a half with all the kitchen nightmares here.

Waiters and waitresses,

1) No, I'm not from Townsville. I have a Sportsgirl Sydney sticker on my laptop. I wonder, am I from Townsville? And how many times do I have to say no?

2) No, I am not Japanese either. Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean that I am. Once again, how many times do I have to say no?

3) Why do you have to ask me these stupid questions when I'm busy? I'm trying to watch a show in my computer. I don't care and you shouldn't either. Go bother someone else.

4) If you want to grab a seat from my table, can you ask me first? Don't assume that you can just grab it. I am waiting for someone and that someone needs that chair to sit in, thank you very much.

5) When I raise my hand and look straight at you and say excuse me, it means I need you to come to my table. Don't just stare at me and look away. Don't make me stand and walk over to you. Also, why do you come when I don't need you and pretend not to notice when I am actually trying to get your attention?!

6) Spaghetti Bolognese. It's pasta, not instant noodles. Bolognese is not Indian beef masala. And it does not take 30 minutes to make this. And having beef masala as the only saucy mince thing you have ready-made in the kitchen is no excuse for serving it as bolognese. And again, PASTA not instant noodles!

7) Why would you ask me if I'm done with my soup when the bowl is still half full and I have the spoon midway to my mouth? Why?

Now, who else wants to visit PNG.
Get me out of here. Please.
FTS, man. Seriously, FTS.

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